Price: Rs. 615

Reference: 1141


Repellent protection based on the application of a film with an unpleasant taste for rodents.

Rapid and simple use. More secure than toxic products.

No harmful action on animals.


Helps to protect against attacks of rodents in the engine bay of vehicles.

Allows to avoid very expensive repairs: radiator hoses, electric and multiplexed beams.

Brings a solution in the places where the deposit of mortal bait is notdesirable or impossible (vertical or unstable places, radiator hoses)

Immediate action.


Shake well before use. Temperature of application between 5 and 45°C.For a good efficiency of the product, it must be applied to surfaces completelyclean. Pulverize in 15/20 cms of distance and let dry.Repeat the application every month to maintain the protection.Do not treat a rotating or warm engine. As repulsive, this product goes intothe biocide classification. Use biocides with precaution.Always read the label and respect the instructions of use. Protection: immediate.Treatment to be renewed every 4 weeks.