Clim-net complete Treatment for Air Conditioning Systems *

Clim-net complete Treatment for Air Conditioning Systems *

Price: Rs. 690

Reference: 1050


Cleans – Purifies – Deodorizes

Clim-Net and Quick-Pur can also be used in vehicles with no air conditioning system, treating in this case the ventilation system. The procedure is the same as for air conditioning vehicles.

* Product available depending on the biocide regulations of each country.

Use biocides with caution. Before using, read the label and product information.

Clim-Net is applied using a high pressure sprayer with plastic applicator, so it can treat the entire

air conditioning circuit (evaporator, duct, ventilator, heater, water drain hole, etc.).

Cleans deeply, eliminates grease deposits, mould, and protects the system from the proliferation of micro-organisms that are source of bad odours. Very simple with the help of an extension tube. Can be used in any type of air conditioning system (car, truck, bus, house, mobile, etc.).