Graisse + Adhesive - Extreme Pressure – Water Resistant

Graisse + Adhesive - Extreme Pressure – Water Resistant

Price: Rs. 690

Reference: 1140


Grease intended for a wide range of continuous use : - 20° + 140 °C.

Multifunction Waterproof Grease: NLGI 2 grade.

Shell 4-ball test with a load index that reveals high welding capabilities extreme pressure: 280 kg.

Dropping point : >180°C (NF T60 102).


Lubricates all parts of the vehicle: hinges, door plates, ball joints, cables.

High performance especially under high pressure and in systems exposed to water.

Provides long-lasting protection and lubrication for the treated systems.

Lubricates without dismantling the parts difficult to access.


Shake well before using. Apply to clean and dry parts. Must be used with the extension tube for optimum results.