High Temperature Ceramic Paste

High Temperature Ceramic Paste

Price: Rs. 978

Reference: 1047


Premium product based on synthetic oil, polyurea thickener and ceramic lubricant.
Ceramic additives lubrication system.
No drop points.
Metal free formulation.


Improves highly the ratio between tightening torque and pretension of the assembly.
Excellent resistance to corrosion and to projections of hot and cold water.
Wide range of applications.
Ensures an effective prevention against contact corrosion particularly for wheels


Apply directly on the parts to treat. Can be used the same way as conventional assembly pastes, including on: braking systems areas where its use is recommended by the manufacturer, exhaust, sensors (if electrical conductivity is not required), bearing zone of rims, assemblies and flanges... Suitable for brake systems including ABS, ESP and ASR. This product should never be used on friction areas of discs and brake pads. Generally, areas of the braking system where cohabit lubricants and elastomers must be lubricated with specific lubricants according to the manufacturers specifications.