Because the car of your dreams says a lot about yourself and your aspirations, we created Autograph, the sister brand of The Car Connexion dedicated to the high-end personalization of motor vehicles. Autograph cannot be simply defined as car tuning. More than anything, Autograph is a matter of passion, the one that drives us when we transform your car piece by piece to make it become this unique vehicle, fully personalized.

By combining passion, goldsmith work and advanced technologies, we have achieved something very unique in Mauritius. We are now the only automotive customization center able to provide Mauritian car enthusiasts with anything they wish.

By entrusting us with your vehicle, our team of experts will have only one goal in mind, that of transforming your car according to each of your wishes. Whatever the look and performance you want to give your car, The Car Connection will be able to fulfill your automotive dream.

Put your desires into words, we will take care of the rest!

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