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In partnership with Abel Automotive, we provide you with a full range of cleaning products.

Abel Automotive is the leader in outstanding cleaning products on offer, and has partnered with The Car Connexion to maintain its exceptionally high standards.

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All prices below are inclusive of VAT, and may be subject to change.



Motor Cleaner 5L

042402-Motor Cleaner 5L

Price: Rs. 1590

Ready-to-use high performance formula.... Read more

High protection luster

000604-High protection luster

Price: Rs. 380

Ensures a long-lasting protection with a high-gloss.... Read more

Medium Polish

017020-Medium Polish

Price: Rs. 875

Medium Polish is the ideal product for the new generation hard and soft standard varnishes.... Read more

Leather Care

000631-Leather Care

Price: Rs. 635

Leather care cleans, revives and nourishes leather seats and trim by giving them a glossy satin look.... Read more

Abel Super Degreaser

015202-Abel Super Degreaser

Price: Rs. 1700

A professional degreaser indispensable for garage or workshop.... Read more

Abel Anti Mosquito Spray

042515-Abel Anti Mosquito Spray

Price: Rs. 1035

Anti Mosquito Spray... Read more

Rim cleaner 5L

005802-Rim cleaner 5L

Price: Rs. 3490

The rim cleaner removes dirt and debris from brake dust... Read more

Plastic renovator

042652-Plastic renovator

Price: Rs. 2705

Indispensable to restore the new appearance inside your vehicle.... Read more

Motor cleaner 400 ML

008201-Motor cleaner 400 ML

Price: Rs. 380

Allows easy and fast cleaning of all motors and mechanical parts.... Read more

Plastic care

008452-Plastic care

Price: Rs. 230

Restores natural gloss to all interior plastic substrates.... Read more

Repellent Shampoo

000613-Repellent Shampoo

Price: Rs. 288

This Abel water repellent shampoo perfectly eradicates dirt from the body.... Read more

Fine Polish

017030-Fine Polish

Price: Rs. 865

Fine Polish is ideal for very hard varnishes, hard or soft standards of new generation.... Read more

Strong Polish

017010-Strong Polish

Price: Rs. 890

Strong Polish is ideal for ultra-hard varnishes of new generation... Read more

Repairs Tyre 400 ML

051903-Repairs Tyre 400 ML

Price: Rs. 340

Repairs and inflates a tyre up to 175/14.... Read more

Scratch remover all colors

000614-Scratch remover all colors

Price: Rs. 295

The Prestige range is based on the expertise and professional know-how of Abel Auto, which has been recognized for several decades.... Read more

Grey scratch remover

018106-Grey scratch remover

Price: Rs. 325

The scratch-eraser gray removes fine scratches and scrapes from the body.... Read more

Dark grey scratch remover

018107-Dark grey scratch remover

Price: Rs. 335

Scratches eraser formulated to be applied on all gray colored bodies.... Read more

Action 7 400 ML

010862-Action 7 400 ML

Price: Rs. 305

Eliminates noises and squeaks, facilitates assembly and disassembly of mechanical couplings.... Read more

Silicone Lubricant

001752-Silicone Lubricant

Price: Rs. 155

Hyper Sliding. Moving parts... Read more

Repairs Tyre 600 ML

051904-Repairs Tyre 600 ML

Price: Rs. 569

Repairs and inflates in case of a flat tyre.... Read more

Carpet Cleaner

002612-Carpet Cleaner

Price: Rs. 320

Cleans, revives and deodorizes.... Read more

Chamoisée Leather

003202-Chamoisée Leather

Price: Rs. 705

This chamois leather is a product of 1st choice... Read more

Microfiber Windows

045604-Microfiber Windows

Price: Rs. 155

Use on all exterior or interior glass surfaces.... Read more

Fine Polish Pad

018030-Fine Polish Pad

Price: Rs. 520

Specially adapted to Abel Auto polishers and glossers... Read more

Lustra Wax Pad

018040-Lustra Wax Pad

Price: Rs. 520

The white foam disc is suitable for the Lustrawax... Read more

Synthetic skin

003200-Synthetic skin

Price: Rs. 280

The Abelcham synthetic skin eliminates water from all automobile surfaces such as paints, plastics and glass.... Read more

Washing mitt

032002-Washing mitt

Price: Rs. 485

Washing mitt - external cleaning - long useful time - does not scratch... Read more



Price: Rs. 1150

This product is 100% made of real sheepskin.... Read more

Strong/Medium Polish Pad

018020-Strong/Medium Polish Pad

Price: Rs. 530

Yellow foam disc 150mm.... Read more

Motor Cleaner 5L.

042402-Motor Cleaner 5L.

Price: Rs. 1590

Ready-to-use high performance formula.... Read more


All prices above are inclusive of VAT, and may be subject to change.

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