Taking care of the body of your car is a must-do on certain occasions, such as when you are willing to resell your car. However, it is also a good habit in order to maintain your car’s value. For all surfaces, old stains are more difficult to remove. Layers of mud can attack the coating and eventually pierce the paint, paving the way for rust, enemy No. 1 of the car body. To avoid this kind of issues, the Car Connexion is giving you 3 tips to keep your car clean!

Roller washing

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Our first advice is to NOT use automatic car washing. Cars’ paintings are bright and quite fragile. The slightest abrasion, friction or pebble and the paint is scratched or dull. This is the main concern when you clean your car. Due to dust or grit left in rollers that can micro-scratch the bodywork of your loved car, washing your car in stations with rollers is not recommended. Antennas and mirrors can also be damaged if you do not think about folding them.

In order to better wash your car, we advise you to do it manually with this kind of high-quality products repellent shampoo

After washing, prepare the surface

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After manually washing your car, you will easily see scratches, swirls, and oxidation. Just run your hand over a washed vehicle, and if you feel little bumps, then you need to go a step further with the cleaning your car.

To do so, a clay bar can be used to remove stubborn bonded contaminants. It will remove everything off the surface of your vehicle including wax and will bring smoothness to the paint. Start by kneading it into a flat wafer and use a detailer as a lubricant. Hold it in the palm of one hand and run it across the surface of your car.

Wax your car


Waxing adds a layer of protection from UV rays to prevent fading, as well as anything that may land on the paint. It preserves your high gloss finish and is available in a carnauba or polymer form.

For waxing your car, we have selected the best products for you: Lustra Wax Pad

After all those efforts, apply a luster protection: High protection luster

Our body technicians can make a facelift to your car! With the advanced equipment available at The Car Connexion, we can easily make your vehicle shine again.