As a testimony to our commitment for a greener Mauritius, we are proud to announce the arrival of full-electric cars in our showroom at Motor City, Forbach.

We are also proud to announce that as from the 29th of August, The Car Connexion will be ready to fast-charge your electric car on a free of charge basis!

The top 5 reasons why you should own an electric car:

1. ZERO Emissions

Go green for a better Mauritius!

Electric cars are the most eco-friendly cars on the planet. They run on a clean energy source and do

not release any toxic gases or smoke in the environment.

2. No Fuel

Considering the price of petrol and diesel has skyrocketed lately, it is only obvious that going electric would be a better financial option. Currently, charging points installed in Mauritius amongst others are at Total Belle-Vue, Total Tamarin and one at The Car Connexion, where we fast-charge your electric car free of charge. However, our fast-charger at The Car Connexion is able to charge up your car within 2 hours, instead of 6 hours, AND it's absolutely free.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Electric cars are surprisingly very affordable! As they have electric components, there is no need for engine lubrication which saves you time and money on servicing. It is also good to note that an electric car only has half a dozen moving parts, as opposed to a conventional engine which has hundreds and can be very costly to repair. The only thing you need to consider is looking after your car battery.

4. Low Noise Pollution

It's an understatement that most vehicles in Mauritius are noisy. But an electric car is totally silent, offering you a smoother drive with higher acceleration over longer distances. Not convinced? Then come and test-drive a full-electric car in our showroom.

5. Less Tax.

As if the previous 4 reasons were not good enough to convince you, there is LESS tax imposed on electric cars in Mauritius.

Taking into account all the above benefits, visit our showroom and test-drive free-of-charge a full-electric car as from Saturday 2nd September 2017! Book your Test-Drive on . We look forward to welcoming you for an amazing experience!