Learn to know and decode the size of your tyres.


205: Tyre width in millimetres

55: Tyre profile/height as a percentage of the tyre width: 55% of 205

R16: Tyre rim diameter in inches.

91: Tyre Load Index = maximum load that the tyre can withstand

V: Speed index * = (maximum speed that the tyre can support)

  • Warning - It is forbidden to mount a tyre with a speed index lower than the original one, but you can opt for a higher index.

Different tyres for different vehicles

When choosing your tyres, you should not forget to take into account how you will be using your vehicle. Indeed, each vehicle needs a specific tyre! For example, for sporty use, bet on grip and handling.

When to change tyres?

A worn tire is a dangerous tire. That is why it is important to check the condition of the tires regularly and change them if necessary. One can know that a tire is worn thanks to TWI indexes engraved on the shoulder of the tire and which can identify wear indicators in the middle of the tread. These witnesses are small bumps at the bottom of furrows or sculptures and measure 1.6 mm. When the height of the rubber reaches these bumps, it means that the tires are worn and need to be changed. A worn tire no longer guarantees your safety and puts you in breach of the law. Do not wait until the wear limit is reached to change your tires.

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