If you are planning to buy a pre-owned car, our main advice is to explore different options and to not just flick through the newspapers. You will have better chances to find your dream car by visiting an established car dealer showroom like ours or searching on dedicated websites like www.mycar.mu.

Most importantly, whatever is your car-hunting strategy, before rushing to the purchasing decision, you should pay attention to some important points. If you are not a car expert, don’t panic, The Car Connexion is here to help you find the right car for your needs and budget!

Define your budget

First, whether you’re planning to take a loan or not, you should define a precise budget for the cost of the car and its ongoing maintenance.

Try to predict unexpected expenses in your budget. If you wish to save some money, select a car with low mileage. A car with high mileage may be cheaper than a car with lower miles but it can get damaged more rapidly while the latter is more apt for the long run.

Choose also a vehicle which does not require important restoration works.

Moreover, do not forget to consider the declaration and insurance fees you will have to pay once the car is yours.

Pay attention to the car maintenance’s history

Make sure that the car you want to purchase has been well-maintained by its previous owner(s).

Look carefully at the car body, the wing-window, the cars' suspension, the lights, the tyres and rims, the air-conditioner system the headlights, the radio and radiators.

Also, check the certificate of fitness for cars who are over seven years old and other documents like the servicing report and the horse power.

Finally, if you are not a car expert, ask for help and have the car inspected by a professional. It's a smart investment that could make you save a lot of money!

If you’re looking for a garage to inspect a car you would like to purchase, give us a call, our team will be happy to help.

Ask for a test-driving

Last but not least, test-drive the car. Test-driving a pre-owned car is probably the best way to find out if you should or shouldn’t purchase it.

It's also an easy and efficient way to assess the car’s condition. To be relevant, the test driving should last at least 15 minutes. Most importantly, tune out any distractions (eg. Radio) and focus on the car!

While you're judging the comfort of the car and its driving, you will also have to pay attention to the mechanics of the car. This goes from the wipers and blinkers to how well the engine runs, the gears shift, and brakes stop.

If you are not completely happy with the car performances, don’t waste your time and money, and move to the next one!

Now that you have everything in mind, you are ready for your dream-car hunting!

Don’t forget to have a look at our available pre-owned cars by checking our e-shop or visiting our showroom in Forbach.