You have decided to sell your car? It may be wise to do it at the right time. Here are some tips from The Car Connexion!


Neither too late nor too soon

  • Don’t resell too soon: it is in the first months that the car’s value decreases the most. Hence, selling it too early can cause important financial losses.
  • Don’t resell too late: because after a while, a car is worth very little, it automatically reduces your contribution for your next vehicle purchase.

Between these two untimely moments, determining the best timing isn’t easy. In order to have about 30-35% of contributions for your future car, the best time is to sell your car when it is less than 4 years old. 4 years old because the average driver drives between 15 000 km and 20 000 km per year. To sell your car at best, selling it with less than 80 000 km is a real edge!

Other criteria to consider

The 4 years old time are an average. If you drive more than 20 000 km per year, it could be better to sell your vehicle without waiting that long. The mileage of your car is a nice criterion to keep in mind. In the collective unconscious, some numbers make it more difficult to sell. Selling a car with a high mileage (+120 000km) is definitely a challenge.

There is also another important element to consider: the wear of your vehicle. Sell your car before having to incur charges on your wear parts. Depending on the brand, the quality differs, the thresholds can be reached faster. This is the case of Fiat for example, but the German cars are reputedly more robust than the other brands.

If you’d like to sell your car we offer our professional guidance to help you get the right price for it. Come to The Car Connexion Showroom in Mauritius, or call us on +230 244 3888 and we’ll get your car sold !