Price (excl. Registration fees, Road Tax and Insurance): Rs. 2,899,000

Registration Fees: Rs. 1,000



88,000 Km


8 Cy

5,700 CC



This car has the usual RAM stiff Reynard chassis designed be Dr Adrian Reynard, who also the design the chassis for several F1, Formula 3, Formula through the ‘80s and ‘90s. The main concern was the torsional stiffness and weight distribution, often stated that the RAM has the most dynamic chassis of all cobras ever built, both originals and replicas together. This chassis has impressed many experts, such as during the BARDAHL Trophies in the 90s. RAM name has a good racing pedigree with Cheng Lim in the Historic Sports & GT Racing series, which he won in 98, 99 and 200, The Cobra RAM offered here for sale is a “Replica”, but when Carroll Shelby visited Europe to launch his Heart Foundation, he went to see the factory of Realm Engineering in Essex. He was so impressed by the quality and the driving characteristics of the RAM, that he officially authorised Realm Engineering to use the terms of “AC Cobra replica personally approved by Carroll Shelby”. This is a great fun car, ready to be enjoyed.




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