BMW 5 Series 530i Msport


Price (excl. Registration fees, Road Tax and Insurance): Rs. 2,854,800

Registration Fees: Rs. 70,200



37,299 Km


4 Cy

1,998 CC



What do you do when you have a fantastic-selling product that simply won’t stop selling well, despite it being old? You make small changes, update some things that need updating and largely leave it alone, right? Don’t fix what ain’t broke, as the old adage goes. It looks good, this new 5 Series. Pictures don’t do it justice, where the car seems like much of the same. However, in person, it’s far more elegant while also being more muscular than the previous F10-generation car. Up front, new headlights that meet the signature Kidney Grilles looks, and with the M Sport package, the front end looks aggressive!

Step into the incredibly comfy driver’s seat and the door closes with an aristocratic “whoomph”. This is a solid feeling car, one that feels more expensive than its price tag would suggest.

Then there’s the technology, which is equally as impressive. The new tile-based interface of BMW’s new iDrive  6.0 is brilliant, as it’s incredibly easy to use and the tiles feature live information, so you don’t even have to click on one to see what’s going on. The navigation tile will show real-time nav directions without even having to click it and open it up, for instance.

So, you can use the traditional iDrive controller as intuitively as ever, or you can simply touch the screen, with pinch and zoom functionality as well, or you can even use Gesture Control, which is far easier to use and responsive than you might think.

It’s time to start the car. The BMW 5 Series has a rich, long history of combining ride comfort and driving dynamics in a sublime package. Fire it up and the B48 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder fires to life with a quick grumble. Its 252 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque are more than enough to make the 530i a quick car.

It’s certainly a massive step up from its predecessor and a fantastic car to drive everyday. The blend of ride comfort and handling capability is back, bringing back memories of the E39-generation 5 Series.




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