Price (excl. Registration fees, Road Tax and Insurance): Rs. 5,337,880

Registration Fees: Rs. 32,800



6,617 Km


3 Cy

1,499 CC



Introduced a few years ago, the i8 is a hybrid that has similar looks to a million-dollar hypercar, all while featuring a price tag of a supercar and packing the performance of a sports car. Oh, and it also has the comfort and premium driving feel of a typical BMW. The i8 is certainly an interesting car for a number of reasons.

The first impression of the cabin is that it’s dazzling and high-tech. The exterior design is futuristic but organic looking - the low-slung design is so eye-catching that you’ll notice stunned faces from pedestrians and other motorists every single day when driving this BMW. People stop what they’re doing and stare. Even supercar drivers will give you the nod of approval.

When you drive it, however, you lose sight of all those elements. The car is amazing to drive, not just fun to analyse. But put the car in its Sport setting, and it suddenly gets much more interesting. Unlike gas-powered sports cars, the i8 responds almost instantly.




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