Additifs (Produits Ecotec)

Pour assurer l’entretien optimal de votre véhicule,

The Car Connexion vous propose la gamme complète de produits Ecotec.

Nous encourageons l’utilisation de produits de qualité pour l’entretien de votre véhicule. C’est pour cela que nous ne vendons que les meilleurs additifs disponibles sur le marché, offrant ainsi une protection complète pour tous les véhicules fonctionnant au diesel ou à l’essence.


Tous les prix ci-dessus n'incluent pas la TVA et sont sujets à changement.



Petrol circuit cleaner

1000-Petrol circuit cleaner

Prix: Rs. 541

Keeps clean the injection system and the combustion chambers. Separates water from petrol and avoids its passage into the injection system: demulsifier action.... Lire plus

Boost Evolution

1108-Boost Evolution

Prix: Rs. 788

Cleans and separates water from fuel. Fights corrosion.... Lire plus

Petrol injection curative Treatment

1101-Petrol injection curative Treatment

Prix: Rs. 909

Ensures rapid and deep cleaning of the injection system and combustion chambers.... Lire plus



Prix: Rs. 846

Synthetic formulation especially designed for Hybrid vehicles of all kinds. Improves the petrol engine operation and contributes to its optimum performance.... Lire plus

Diesel Circuit Cleaner

1010-Diesel Circuit Cleaner

Prix: Rs. 541

Keeps clean the entire injection system (tank, pumps , injectors) helps maintaining a low level of soot and particulates in the variable geometry turbos, combustion chambers and depollution system ( EGR, particulate filters )... Lire plus

Diesel Injection curative Treatment

1111-Diesel Injection curative Treatment

Prix: Rs. 805

Allows quick and complete treatment of dysfunctions of the injection. System related to clogging: Fouled injectors , smoke opacity... Lire plus

Boost Evolution Diesel Cetane Booster

1118-Boost Evolution Diesel Cetane Booster

Prix: Rs. 661

Keeps clean the injection system, combustion chambers, turbo and EGR valves. Increased power and performance with effect of thrust.... Lire plus

Diesel injection flush

1211-Diesel injection flush

Prix: Rs. 834

Specially developed for cleaning high pressure diesel injections on running engines.... Lire plus

New generation Diesel Circuit Cleaner

4113B-New generation Diesel Circuit Cleaner

Prix: Rs. 17825

Concentrated product, treats the entire fleet: 1 liter for 2000 to 3000 liters of diesel. Increases the cetane ranking (2 to 3 points) and therefore the quality of combustion.... Lire plus

Diesel circuit decontaminant

4211-Diesel circuit decontaminant

Prix: Rs. 1380

Shock treatment for the fuel tank Treats in a single process the fuel tank of a vehicle that is greatly contaminated.... Lire plus

Storage tank decontaminant

4213-Storage tank decontaminant

Prix: Rs. 10350

Easy to use : With a single product and in a single process, you can treat the fuel storage tank and the fuel in it.... Lire plus

Test eco-cult bacterial test for diesel full

5022-Test eco-cult bacterial test for diesel full

Prix: Rs. 920

Use biocides with caution. Before using, read the label and product information.... Lire plus

Degripp-ice Penetrating Oil - Cold Shock Action

1242-Degripp-ice Penetrating Oil - Cold Shock Action

Prix: Rs. 385

Penetrating formulation specially developed for the mechanical disassembly. The freezing spray creates micro cracks which help the penetration of the product.... Lire plus

Degripp + Penetrating Oil

1142-Degripp + Penetrating Oil

Prix: Rs. 201

Penetrating and lubricating action. Creates a thin layer of solid lubricant. Silicone free. Water repellent.... Lire plus

Dielectric +

1049-Dielectric +

Prix: Rs. 794

Allows degreasing contacts, electrical and ignition systems. Represents an efficient alternative to conventional cleaners containing chlorinated solvents.... Lire plus

Graisse + Adhesive - Extreme Pressure – Water Resistant

1140-Graisse + Adhesive - Extreme Pressure – Water Resistant

Prix: Rs. 690

Grease intended for a wide range of continuous use : - 20° + 140 °C. Multifunction Waterproof Grease: NLGI 2 grade.... Lire plus

Chain lubricant

1045-Chain lubricant

Prix: Rs. 403

Lubricant specially designed for chain lubrication. Synergized blend of anti-wear lubricant and adhesion agents. High tack. Water-repellent properties.... Lire plus

Special brake cleaner

8143-Special brake cleaner

Prix: Rs. 184

Optimized mixture of solvents. Acetone free. Valve head up - head down.... Lire plus



Prix: Rs. 610

Highly flammable formulation with lubricant and anticorrosive additive. Can be used in car engines, trucks and buses, tractors, motorbikes, boat engines, lawnmowers, motor saws, forklift engines, compressed air or electrical power generation…... Lire plus

Clim-net complete Treatment for Air Conditioning Systems *

1050-Clim-net complete Treatment for Air Conditioning Systems *

Prix: Rs. 707

Cleans – Purifies – Deodorizes Clim-Net and Quick-Pur can also be used in vehicles with no air conditioning system, treating in this case the ventilation system. The procedure is the same as for air conditioning vehicles.... Lire plus



Prix: Rs. 615

Repellent protection based on the application of a film with an unpleasant taste for rodents. Rapid and simple use. More secure than toxic products.... Lire plus

Finish + Polishing wax

1061-Finish + Polishing wax

Prix: Rs. 673

Has a shining, long-lasting and protective action. Antistatic and water repellent effect.... Lire plus

Sec-net Evolution Cleaning Foam

1062-Sec-net Evolution Cleaning Foam

Prix: Rs. 535

High cleaning power (self-active). Multi-purpose product applicable on textiles, plastics, glass, car bodies, laminates, pvc, etc.... Lire plus

Cleaning/Polishing Microfibers

5061/A-Cleaning/Polishing Microfibers

Prix: Rs. 690

Kit especially designed for waterless car cleaning: Blue-Cleaning/ Red-Polishing. Cleans very effectively, quickly and without traces.... Lire plus

Deso-flash Deodorizer mint

1065-Deso-flash Deodorizer mint

Prix: Rs. 1001

Active odor destroyer ingredient, in an alcohol solution. Powerful diffusion system.... Lire plus

Engile oil leak stop anti oil consumption

1021-Engile oil leak stop anti oil consumption

Prix: Rs. 661

Regenerates joints and seals, restoring them to their original size and elasticity. Increases the viscosity of oil under heat and high shear.... Lire plus

Engine flush

1024-Engine flush

Prix: Rs. 616

Rapidly dissolves sludge and gummy deposits that hamper proper operation. Cleans oil galleries, hydraulic valves lifters, piston ring grooves, oil pumps, turbo bearings, etc.... Lire plus

T2S – silicones surface treatment

1025-T2S – silicones surface treatment

Prix: Rs. 937

Thanks to the particularly strong attraction of modified silicones for metals, T2S binds to the metal and forms a mono-molecular layer that can resist pressure up to 1600 kg/mm² and a temperature of 700°C.... Lire plus

Radiator stop-leak

1030-Radiator stop-leak

Prix: Rs. 575

Stops immediately leaks and micro-leaks of the entire cooling circuit. Lubricates the water pump.... Lire plus

Cooling system flush (Deoxidizer)

1031-Cooling system flush (Deoxidizer)

Prix: Rs. 615

Disperses and eliminates all contaminants from the cooling circuit (metallic oxides, sludge, etc.).... Lire plus

Cooling system oil emulsifier

1034-Cooling system oil emulsifier

Prix: Rs. 1018

Allows a thorough cleaning of the cooling circuit contaminated by engine oil due to damage (head gasket failure, head exchanger). Emulsifies the oil so that it can be completely evacuated when the circuit is flushed.... Lire plus

Cooling system stop-leak

4030-Cooling system stop-leak

Prix: Rs. 845

Stops immediately leaks and micro-leaks of the entire cooling circuit. Lubricates the water pump. Pour in the cooling circuit. Consult the instructions for use.... Lire plus

Oil Leak Stop For Transmissions, Power Steering

1023-Oil Leak Stop For Transmissions, Power Steering

Prix: Rs. 661

Regenerates dried and deformed elastomeric seals, restoring them to their original size and elasticity.... Lire plus

MOS2 Treatment for Gears / Axles / Transfer Boxes

1122-MOS2 Treatment for Gears / Axles / Transfer Boxes

Prix: Rs. 564

Reduces friction by forming a solid lubricating film (molybdenum bisulphide, MoS2) on all moving surfaces.... Lire plus

Oil Leak Stop Transmissions, Differentials, Hydraulic Circuits

4123-Oil Leak Stop Transmissions, Differentials, Hydraulic Circuits

Prix: Rs. 15000

Regenerates dried and deformed elastomeric seals, restoring them to their original size and elasticity. Suitable for 250 liters of oil. Compatible with all types of engine oil, transmissions (manual and automatic) and power steering.... Lire plus

S2AS Engine Oil Treatment

1125-S2AS Engine Oil Treatment

Prix: Rs. 1075

Friction reducer and anti oxydant additive. Low saps treatment which acts in synergy with the friction modifier of the treated engine oil.... Lire plus



Prix: Rs. 627

Bactericidal and action fungicidal. Treats many sources of discomfort related to allergic odors and microorganisms in a single operation.... Lire plus

Concentrated Screenwash

2000-Concentrated Screenwash

Prix: Rs. 115

Does not degrade wiper blades or bodywork Eliminates traces of insects Pleasant odor.... Lire plus



Prix: Rs. 3306

Permanent sealing of micro leaks on rubber and metal parts of automotive air conditioning systems.... Lire plus


Tous les prix ci-dessus n'incluent pas la TVA et sont sujets à changement.

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