S2AS Engine Oil Treatment

S2AS Engine Oil Treatment

Prix: Rs. 1075

Référence: 1125


Friction reducer and anti-oxidant additive.
Low saps treatment which acts in synergy with the friction modifier of the treated engine oil.
SAAS Technology (Surface Activated Additive System) which is activated under heat and friction.
Nano technology free product for safer use and disposal.


Reduces friction and wear precisely where it happens in the engine.
Optimizes oil performance throughout drain interval.
Provides long lasting protection to the engine.
Reduces engine noise and vibration.
Low SAPS and mid SAPS engine oil compatibility as well as older full SAPS engine oil compatibility.
DPF and catalytic converters compatibility.


One bottle treats 4 to 6 liters of engine oil. For diesel, gasoline, LPG engines with or without turbochargers. Suitable for latest produced vehicle in which low or mid SAPS oil are required. Ensure that oil level does not exceed maximum level when adding the product. Pour into warm engine oil, preferably shortly after oil change, and let engine run for a few minutes to ensure proper blending of oil and treatment. Treatment can be done for every oil change.