Porsche Panamera


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39,081 Km


6 Cy

3,605 CC



What do we say about this?

It’s a beast? It’s super gorgeous? It’s actually mind-blowing?

This car is simply magnificent!

But firstly, maybe you need to step inside this cockpit and decide whether you are going to be the driver, or you are going to be chauffeured around?

Because obviously, this is a Porsche. And that means that the only place you really want to be seated is in the driver's seat. Yes, the Panamera may be a big, gracious looking car, but it still knows where and by whom it was made. Which means perfect control weights, performance that is hair-raising and a ride and handling balance that is, most of the time, completely at odds with the two tonnes of metal and steel you're blasting down the road. The Panamera's engine's response is quite astonishing and it doesn't really matter the road speed or gear you're in, when your foot goes down it just flies.

Inside, everything on the surface - bar the raised, metallic rocker switches for the gear-shifter and climate control - is a digital button, set in one surface which comes to life when you turn the car on. When you press to activate something - including suspension settings, stop-start function, traction control, some climate functions - the unit clicks and feels like it's physically moving in response to your inputs. 



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